Cary Shields is an international gypsy of mystery. A musician, actor and songwriter who has played for audiences worldwide and taken the road less traveled. His travels have offered him the chance to play alongside the likes of Brian Johnson of AC/DC, Rami Jaffee of the Foo Fighters and Wallflowers, Jill Scott and Boy George to name a few. He starred on Broadway in the hit musicals RENT and Taboo and Off-Broadway in Greenwood-The Musical.

A CD of his music was sent into orbit on one of the final Space Shuttle missions (STS-132). He now has the unique distinction of being able to truthfully proclaim that his music is “out of this world”. The reviews write themselves.

Mostly he’s on Earth, touring Europe, Asia and North America sometimes solo, sometimes with a band of Romanian gypsies. With a repertoire of over 400 songs in a range of styles he thrills audiences far and wide.

Currently he’s been writing and producing tracks for artists around the world and composing for film and television. In 2013 he was a semi-finalist to represent Romania in the Eurovision song competition. A distinct honour made all the more special, being that he isn’t the least bit Romanian.

Coming up, he’s developed an App! Because… APPS! I will comment more on this soon. Patent pending! There’s also Lucky, an original musical you absolutely need to keep your eye out for this year.

Whether it’s a an audience of thousands in an historic Broadway theatre or a dive with sticky floors and an audience of four semi conscious frat boys, Cary is a passionate performer who leaves it all on the floor. The beer stained, foul smelling floor. Depending on the venue.

Can you call him a hero? Because, what’s a hero? He’s just a guy and a guitar doing his best to bring light and music to everyone around him. All this to say, when things get hairy, Shields is the kind of musician you want around.